Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions which are most frequently asked to the can be found below with the relevant answers. If we do not quite answer your question, please feel free to Contact Us .

  • Does every cartoon here bear a copyright?

Yes, All images in this system are copyrighted by and/or its creators. No permission will be granted without a fee. Payment is required prior to use.

  • I’ve paid the licensing fee, what do I get? Do I have the right to use the cartoon?

After paying the license fee you get the cartoon in high-resolution in your mailbox. You have the right to use it as per the indicated purpose.

  • I am a teacher – may I use cartoons from the pareshcartoons site in my teaching?

You may buy and use material from our site for teaching purposes within your school, college, or university giving suitable credit. You should identify the as the source of the cartoon.

  • I have a newspaper. I want to use your global cartoons regularly. Do you have any provision for monthly subscription ?

For the newspapers who want to use the global cartoons regularly we have attractive packages for monthly subscribers. You can write to us in details at  You will get latest cartoons in your mailbox regularly at a nominal price. You can use them in your newspaper.

  • I am a student – may I use cartoons from the com in my essays and presentations?

You may use material from the in essays and student presentations within your school, college, or university, if suitable credit is given. This permission does not cover the reproduction of copyright cartoons for non-educational purposes within schools, colleges, or universities, such as reproduction in other books or events.

  • May I use cartoons from the com in seminars and conference papers?

You may use material from the in presentations at academic seminars and conferences, including poster presentations, so long as no publication takes place outside the seminar or conference venue.

  • I want to publish a cartoon from the com – what should I do?

The gives you its permission as you pay for its license fee for the particular purpose, but it is unable to license any further republication. For republication – which not only covers books and articles, but also the reuse of copyright cartoons on websites and in exhibitions – you need to contact us by emailing

  • I want the cartoonist to draw a cartoon for me and my girl friend- can you help?

The can help you get your desired cartoon drawn. You can check our ON-DEMAND page and write to us at

  • I want cartoons on a regular basis for my newspaper/website. Can I get them at a lower price as a regular user?

As this is a newspaper-friendly site you can contact us on our email for regular use of cartoons. The amount can be negotiated for convenience according to your newspaper circulation. Also you can pay for monthly subscription and receive latest cartoons in your mailbox regularly at a nominal price.

  • I have a newspaper on business and finance. I want to use Business toons everyday. How can I get ?

You can write to us and pay for monthly/quarterly subscription which is attractive and nominal. You receive Business toons regularly for your newspaper.

  • I am a research scholar – may I use cartoons from com in my thesis?

Yes, you can buy the license fee for the purpose and use the cartoon in your thesis.

  • How do I pay?

Paying online via STRIPE is quick, easy and safe. You can use your debit/credit card for online payments. You may also send by paypal but contact  us through email.

  • I’ve a charitable organisation. I want to use your cartoon for free for awareness campaign.

You can write to us through email in deta

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